There is a peace that grows within you as you see Me in others. Will you love yourself more? If not, how can you truly love others? Love others as you love yourself. If you are not loving yourself well, what then shall you have to give to others? How well do you take care of yourself in mind, body, soul, and spirit? Beginning with self-love is not arrogance nor grandiose. You must love yourself in order to see clearly. See Me within yourself. See My Love for you. See My Gentle Ways. Feel My Loving Wings of peace around you. Take care of your health, de-clutter your environment, simplify your tasks and schedule. Follow the North Star – the Me within you – your Guiding Force. Trust Me with your whole life. All will become clear as you do these things and spend more time with Me. You will learn how to love and care for yourself. Say, “I am love.” You will then be better able to love others, and the world shall be healed.