Something will surprise you today. You will learn something you did not know. This is not magic or soothsaying. This is truth. This is truth because every day you will learn something new – if you remain awake. You must allow the Veil between Heaven and Earth to come down. You will be able to see more clearly if you believe that you can. My Spirit works tirelessly within you, most especially if you ask. Ask, and you shall receive. You know My Words, but do you truly believe? I work out all things for good. The evil one cannot take what I have Created. He tries and conquers every day. But in the end, all shall return back to Me. Nothing has ever truly left My Grasp, but I do allow you to choose. Every moment of every day, choose. Choose goodness and love. Kindness and hope. My Joy will fill you if you remain in Me as I remain in you.