Blind following of the orders that are barked out at you by the world… what does it profit?  It only serves to make you that which you are not, steal your energy, your life-breath.  “Come” to where you are right now, for I Am the Source of all that is.  Do not question what others are doing, but yourself.  Daily, check how your behavior matches you, the real you.  The Me in you.  Where are you following the world instead of Me?  This is not just for you alone, but for all.  It is “The Great Sickness” that “man” should try to be something, someone that he is not.  Follow your Inner Guidance – Me – to all that is good and right.  The only things that will give you real pleasure and joy are found in Me.  Follow Me day and night that you may not be crushed by the world around you.