Climb the mountain with Me.  At the top you will find the peace and joy that you seek.  No desert, no dryness.  Just love.  My Love.  The journey is often difficult and trying, but with Me by your side, any journey is possible.  “The Great Trial”, which you endure still today, will have its great rewards.  You know this or you would not be calm of heart and mind.  Be at peace with all people and nations, for they, too, are seeking, searching, longing for love.   My Love.  The only love which can fill the emptiness.  You were Created for this and such a time as now.  Know that all that has happened, is, and shall be… I know and understand what you have been through, what you have undertaken, how difficult it has been more often than not.   But you do not look back and see it as such.  You have gained peace about the past and all that is.  Climb.  Climb with Me.