A crisp clean environment may be too stark for some. For others, it is breathing room, all life. Wherever you thrive, be sure to note the distractions in your life. What is around you affects you mind, your mood, your joy, your life. Surround yourself with life-giving things. Keep yourself organized so that you may live deliberately. Simplify your life. Staying challenged helps you to move forward. Do not be discouraged when you fail at times. This is to be expected. Pick yourself up, and try again. This is not a stressful “assignment”, yet a lesson in perseverance and courage. Stay true to who you know to be. Your well informed conscience will guide you to all good. What did I Create? How are things ordered? What gives life? And what takes it away. Choose life and love. Live freely within yourself as you choose the best good you can in any given moment.