Treasure all of life, all of Creation.  Learn the simple truths that are before you.  Recognize Me in all things, for I Am there.  Be patient as you go about your daily efforts.  For time is fleeting, but love is not.  Love is the only thing which “sustains”.  Help those in need when you can.  Find joy in secret giving.  Treasure smiles returned to you.  Do not be dismayed when they are not.  Hurt not anyone.  For they, too, are hurting when they hurt you.   Recognize the “little child” within every creature.  For all are My children.  See the needs:  love and encouragement.   All need and seek this.  All behavior stems from this.  Encouragement is your gift.  Stay with those who encourage you, and encourage them in return.  Help others to believe in themselves, for I believe in you.