Enter through the narrow Gate – My Son, Jesus the Christ. If you abandon Truth, what then do you have? A lost and lonely world striving for that which it can never obtain. If your heart feels empty, if your mind is filled with anxiety, if you are floundering on your path, you are not alone. For the world perishes daily, hourly, by the minute, because it does not know Me, does not follow Me. I have promised you life and fullness. What then shall become of you when you stray from the path, from the way, from My Way? Death, destruction, loneliness, anger, hurt, desperation, war. Come to Me, and let me fill you. Then take your candle, burning brightly, and light the candle next to you. Allow the flicker of hope and the promise of joy fill all the ends of the Earth. Seek the Risen Christ in all that you do, with all of your heart, mind, and strength.