Stand fast in the truth, My Truth. Do not be afraid to come up against difficulties, for you know the right Way to go. When challenged, stand firm and gently express what you know to be true. You have not been given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of strength, courage, hope, and joy. I Am Risen, and in you I live. In you I work. In you I share the gift of life and love. Spread the Good News with your witness of My Goodness. Let your light shine so that darkness may be squelched in your midst. Do not be afraid, for they cannot take from you what is not theirs to take. Any evil that tries to surround you will flee when you stand sure with Me. I did not come to fight you, condemn you. I came to save you from the evils of the world. Reject the lies and false promises of the evil one. He cannot sustain you nor give you happiness. His only goal is to destroy you and all that is good.