Your heart is fluid, an ever-present and active living thing. It is alive with all that you take in from the world. When your heart health is affected, it affects the whole system. So what do you take into your life? What do you allow into your mind? What do you allow into your body? What voice do you allow to influence your life? When you allow a voice other than Mine, the world is a constant frustration. When you allow food into your body that does not come from Me, from My Plan for you, you allow poison to enter your whole being. The world does not “see” what it is doing to the masses of life on Earth. It is a dreadful thing when you understand how simple it all really is. It is in the simplicity that life can be felt and lived fully. Put away destructive ways, and put on the Shield of Christ. Be protected from evil outside influences by staying very close to Me in all ways.