Be a fool for Me.  Others do not and will not understand you, don’t even try to explain.  Remember… “to those who believe no explanation is necessary, to those who do not believe, no explanation will do.”  Try not to over-think this thing called life.  It is a gift from Me to you.  Live, enjoy, experience, love, be at peace with all things and all people.  Do not judge, for in doing so, you judge yourself.  You are comparing yourself to others.  This will only bring discontent.  If you truly want to be at peace, let go of all that is.  Let go.  Yes, set goals, dream, pursue desires.  But let go of “having” to have these things.  They will come.  The anxiety and worry about such things stops the flow.  For you have creative energy flowing through you.   Let it flow more freely by keeping open the channels.