About the co-founders of A Litttle Light:

 Jennifer Sandin Adams

Paula Sandin

Jennifer Sandin Adams

Jennifer Sandin Adams

Jennifer recently moved with her family to a lovely community in Huntsville, Alabama. She enjoys watching the deer, cardinals, chickadees and other wildlife visitors.

Her passions are reading, writing, walking, skiing, P90X, natural health, snow, all things winter, all things Christmas, evergreen trees, and experiencing God’s Presence in all things.

Her background in Marketing has helped her to found A Litttle Light with her sister.  As well, the two recently completed their second collaborative book, which was published in 2018.

In 2008, Jennifer suffered from a litany of illnesses, many of which were deemed “incurable”. Her pursuit of complete health and wellness led her on a path of natural health, and she completely regained her health. In 2012, Jennifer adopted a whole-foods, plant-based, healthy-vegan diet and now feels healthier and more vibrant than at any other time in her life.


Paula Sandin

Paula Sandin

Paula is a small business owner, a certified professional life and health coach, and an author who enjoys communicating, writing about and coaching people on principles for living a whole, healthy life.

Her successful corporate communications career was interrupted by a serious illness giving her the opportunity to re-prioritize her life.

Struggling through and overcoming, her own life and health challenges by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet motivated Paula to become a coach and a public speaker so she could help empower others to do the same.

As a result of her experiences and deepening relationship with God, she developed a passion for assuring all people that God loves them.

Paula enjoys exercising (walking and doing P90X), playing golf, sharing healthy, plant-based meals with family and friends, going to church, reading inspirational books, and traveling.






Jennifer and Paula were both severely ill for several years with conditions that were diagnosed as “incurable”.  During those years and in the years since they both spent time developing a closer relationship with God and following His Guidance for becoming well (primarily by making better food choices and taking care of their individual needs).  Thanks to God, both are healthier and happier than they have ever been in their lives.

Jennifer and Paula find joy in creating opportunities for expressing and extending God’s Love to all people.  They formed A Litttle Light, LLC to convey God’s loving messages in fun and whimsical ways.

In addition to enjoying providing inspirational products to their customers, Jennifer and Paula are currently co-authoring the book Pick Up Your Mat…. and Follow God to Divine Health, which features a complete chronicle of their individual journeys from debilitating sickness to extreme health.

Jennifer and Paula were recently featured in an interview with New Vegan Age where they share their faith and journey to a plant-based diet. They were also featured in The Catholic Review in 2013.