Pick Up Your Mat...
And Follow God to Divine Health

Pick Up Your Mat… And Follow God to Divine Health


“You Get Them Quiet… and I Will Speak to Their Hearts”
A Daily Devotional

“As my prayer became more attentive and inward, I had less and less to say. I finally became completely silent. I started to listen — which is even further removed from speaking. I first thought that praying entailed speaking. I then learnt that praying is hearing, not merely being silent. This is how it is: to pray does not mean to listen to oneself speaking. Prayer involves becoming silent, and being silent, and waiting until God is heard.” – Soren Kierkegaard

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April 29 – All Will Be Well

All will be well.  Do you believe it?  If not, why not?  Do you not know I can change hearts and minds in an instant?  All is under my control at every moment.  Trust and believe.  I have heard your prayers, your cries.  I am working all things out for good for all involved.  Trust is the prerequisite for joy.  When you know that I am working, you can relax and be at peace.  From there, joy will emerge.

April 28 – Trust and Believe

What life has to offer is amazing for all who will.  For all who will take what I offer at My Word.  There is no situation beyond hope.  Do you believe?  Do you understand?  Do you trust?  Do you trust Who I Am?  Can you believe it?  Will you believe it?  Do you know that I Am the Great I Am?  I have all in My Hands.  No need to worry.  No need to “care”.  For I have all in My grasp.  Your worries I hear.  I know your concerns.  Trust and believe.

March 20 – My Sacred Heart Is For You

Tell Me your cares, your worries.  My Ear bends toward you always.  You call, I Listen.  I always hear your voice.  Do you hear Mine?  I speak to all, but in different ways.  My Sacred Heart is for you.  Do you know Me?  Do you know My Love?  Do not be afraid.  Your cares and worries are Mine.  Will you but give them to Me?  Do you trust Me?   Will you lean into Me now when things are easy?  When things are difficult?  Do not be afraid.  I live in love for you.  For I Am Love.  I Am all in all, and All Is Love.  My Love.

March 17 – Will You Follow Me?

Your heaviness of heart can be described only as a heaviness of life.  Has life disappointed you?  Has someone made things difficult for you?  Are you forgetting your dreams, what you believe in?  What is your response?  Your trials are real, but your thoughts and actions are more important.  Where is your focus?  On your problems?  On the solutions?  Or on your Savior?  Your Creator, your Love, your only true Joy Is in Me.  Do you see?  Can you see?  Will you see?  Will you follow Me?

March 16 – I Have Not Forgotten You

Several days, weeks, months, and years pass.  Life continues on.  When tragedy or hardship occurs, it can seem as though time has stopped.  It can seem as though all is lost.  It can seem as though I Am not.  But I Am with you always, now until the end of time.  Your life is breathed into existence by My Everlasting Love.  When trials come, lean into Me.  You know this to be true, and yet at times it seems easier, better to go another way.  Stop.  Turn around.  Come back to Me.  I have not forgotten your plight.  I have not forgotten you.  I Am here.  Come.  Come to Me.

March 14 – Even When Life Is Tumultuous

Save yourself.  Save your own life.  How?  By committing yourself fully to Me.  If you dare to speak of Me and My Love, you will be shamed.  You will be criticized.  You will be ignored.  You will be hated.  But if you stand next to Me as I stand next to you, you will be Free!  You will be filled.  You will be the creation I created you to be.  Do not be afraid.  I stand with you now, even in your trials.  Do not fear what is to come.  Know that you can manage and survive, even when life is tumultuous.  Come to Me.   You are loved.

March 13 – There is no answer that cannot be found in Me

Not sure which way to go?  Come to Me.  Come to all Truth and Life.  There is no answer that cannot be found in Me.  Your life and whole world are nothing without the Creator — your Creator, your Maker.  Your  worries are real. Your worries are understandable.  But your worries are curable.  They diminish when you put your trust fully in Me.  I will not abandon you nor the promises I have made to you.  If you do not know which way to go, turn around… and there I Am.  With you. With you always in every circumstance.

March 5 – My Love Is Sufficient

Do not worry about anything.  My hand is guiding all.  You are safe.  Trust and believe.  My Love is sufficient for your every need.  And, out of that love, I provide, just as a parent provides for his or her child.  Maintain composure during your trials.  Overcome your fearful self knowing that all is well.

March 4 – Drop Your Nets

Everyone has their own unique path laid out by me from the beginning of time.  If My children would listen to Me and follow My guidance their lives would be richer, their journey more fruitful.  I do not force anyone to choose My way, but if My people understood My intentions for them they would enthusiastically “drop their nets and follow Me”.

March 3 – Know

Know.  Know that I love you.  Know that I am here for you.  Know that I am always with you.  Know that I have the best in mind for you.  Too many seek a feeling, a sign, a gift.  But you must simply know and trust.  Such knowing and trusting will be rewarded beyond your imagining.

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