Pick Up Your Mat...
And Follow God to Divine Health

Pick Up Your Mat… And Follow God to Divine Health

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From Debilitating Illness To Divine Health

Chronic illness touches everyone in some way.  Chronic illnesses are diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or Alzheimer’s disease.  Perhaps you have a chronic disease or have a family member, friend, or co-worker who suffers from one or more chronic diseases.  Chronic illnesses are usually thought to have no cure, and that the best we can do is manage them with pills or surgeries.  But, the good news is most chronic diseases are lifestyle related and can be prevented and often reversed.  Many people say that genes are responsible for chronic illnesses, but we learned that food has the power to turn on or off those genes.

We both were diagnosed with many chronic illness (see our list here), and were told that many of them were incurable.  But, God had a different idea.  After we tried numerous medical treatments, various deprivation diets, and more than 40 different natural supplements (none of which did much to help), He led us both to the truth and beauty of a whole food, plant-based, oil-free diet.  And, one by one, our “incurable” illnesses disappeared.  As a result, we save a ton of money, we no longer require frequent doctor’s visits, and we’re free of pills and starvation diets.

We know from our own experiences that medications, supplements, and other diets couldn’t do for us what a whole food, plant-based, oil-free diet could do, and that there is really only one true way to be well.  Both of our doctors commented that we had done for ourselves what no doctor or pill could do.  We love the food, are so grateful for our restored health, and thank God daily for His guiding hand.

For more information about the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based, oil-free diet, check out the work of Drs. John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Cambell, and Neal Barnard.






Why do we call ourselves the Catholic Vegan Sisters?

Of course, that’s not all we are, but being Catholic, vegan, and sisters are three of the most important aspects of our lives. And, we believe they are all connected.  We are both Catholic converts and vegan converts.  And, we are very close sisters…biological sisters, not nuns. 😉  We have set out on a path to share what we’ve learned about food and how it affects health and other life issues important to Catholics.  Our food choices directly impact the animals, the environment, the poor & hungry, and almost every aspect of human health, including reproduction.  All of these things are connected to each other and to our Catholic faith.  We believe that we have been sent on a mission together to make the holy connections that exist between food and faith.  We will be sharing more about these holy connections in future blog posts.

Fall Into God

Paula and I had an amazing weekend!  We attended our sixth annual retreat weekend at the beautiful Priestfield Pastoral Center in West Virginia.  Our simple room along the river was lovingly adorned with various religious icons.  The priest who gave the retreat to 56 women was a gift.  He carefully prepared the weekend retreat for us.  The seminars and contemplative Masses explored 4 questions:

  1. When did you stop telling your story?
  2. When did you stop sitting in silence?
  3. When did you stop listening to the music?
  4. When did you stop dancing?

Father Julio shared with us that our story is the meeting place of God.  As a community, we need to make sure that people can tell their story in a safe, nurturing environment.  Silence is a place without judgement, a place of great hope.  It is where we can listen to our inner voice.  Where we can listen to the voice of God.  We can ask ourselves when we stopped listening to everything that can only be heard in silence.  Our story is sacred scripture.  When God looks at us, He sees Himself in us.  In silence, we can fall into God.  Fall into God.  Fall into God.

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